Stay ready, stay mobilized !

21 October 2017 Łódź, Poland

# About the Event

Mobilization is a conference dedicated to mobile technologies. The main scope is development of mobile solutions aimed at smartphones and tablets, with particular interest in Android, iOS and HTML5.

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# Agenda

# Speakers

Photo of Adam Żaczek

Adam Żaczek

Photo of Aleksander Grzyb

Aleksander Grzyb

Photo of Aleksei Kliuev

Aleksei Kliuev

Photo of Aliaksandr  Zhukovich

Aliaksandr Zhukovich

Photo of Bartosz Kraszewski

Bartosz Kraszewski

Photo of Daniel Tull

Daniel Tull

Photo of Eliasz Sawicki

Eliasz Sawicki

Photo of Elviro Rocca

Elviro Rocca

Photo of Enrique Lopez Manas

Enrique Lopez Manas

Photo of Ewa Ludwiczak

Ewa Ludwiczak

Photo of Gabor Wnuk

Gabor Wnuk

Photo of Gautier Mechling

Gautier Mechling

Photo of Jakub Mazur

Jakub Mazur

Photo of Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo

Photo of Kamil Czopek

Kamil Czopek

Photo of Krzysztof Siejkowski

Krzysztof Siejkowski

Photo of Leandro Favarin

Leandro Favarin

Photo of Lorenzo Quiroli

Lorenzo Quiroli

Photo of Maciej Puchalski

Maciej Puchalski

Photo of Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskała

Photo of Marcin Zbijowski

Marcin Zbijowski

Photo of Martin Mitrevski

Martin Mitrevski

Photo of Michał Kowalczyk

Michał Kowalczyk

Photo of Miguel Quinones

Miguel Quinones

Photo of Nikola Irinchev

Nikola Irinchev

Photo of Olivier Destrebecq

Olivier Destrebecq

Photo of Paweł Gajda

Paweł Gajda

Photo of Raul Portales

Raul Portales

Photo of Rowdy Rabouw

Rowdy Rabouw

Photo of Salomon Brys

Salomon Brys

Photo of Sam Bellen

Sam Bellen

Photo of Saúl Díaz

Saúl Díaz

Photo of Sergi Martinez

Sergi Martinez

Photo of Stuart Kent

Stuart Kent

Photo of Tomasz Gebarowski

Tomasz Gebarowski

Photo of Tomasz Pająk

Tomasz Pająk

Photo of Vasiliy Zukanov

Vasiliy Zukanov

Photo of Veselin Iliev

Veselin Iliev

Photo of Victor Okunev

Victor Okunev

Photo of Yuliya Kaleda

Yuliya Kaleda

Photo of Yusei Nishiyama

Yusei Nishiyama

Photo of Zachary Markin

Zachary Markin

# Partners


Logo of Java User Group Łódź



# Venue

(Nowa) Hala Expo
al. Politechniki 4
93-590 Łódź, Polska